A unique country-style hotel

​Havgaarden Badehotel is an idyllic, thatched seaside hotel, founded in 1825. The hotel is located in the beautiful landscape of Vejby Strand, right beside the water. The long, sunny days and evenings on the beach between the sea and the hotel are something truly special.

Scenic retreat

Havgaarden Badehotel lies right in between Tisvildeleje and Heather Hill, just 45 minutes drive from Copenhagen and is ideal for both romantic getaways, parties and conferences. There is much to experience in the local area and we are happy to give advice as to what you can see and do in Tisvildeleje, as well as the rest of northern Zealand.

We particularly recommend that our guests take a walk down the stairs to the beach, where you will experience the sea’s crashing waves. The sound from the sea can also be heard in our garden, where you can find small oases, perfect for enjoying your time together or for letting your thoughts flow.

You are of course welcome to​contact us, if you have questions or need more information.

Hospitality is our focus

Our friendly staff will make sure that you feel at home from the moment you arrive. Our goal is to make sure our guests feel welcome and taken care of when they visit us. We have therefore also done much to create the right atmosphere through our interior design, staff and the food we serve.

We know that beautiful nature on its own isn’t enough to create the unique experience for you, whether you book a function room, romantic holiday or meeting room with us. Rather, it’s the combined experience that counts and each day, our work is focused on giving you the best possible stay.

​“Superb stay at this cozy beach hotel very close to the sea. A place of soul, coziness, sweet hosts, delicious food and good service. 50 m down the street goes steep stairs down to the fantastic sea and beach. Perfect place for honeymoons, romance or stress-free weekend.”​


Experience everyday life at Havgaarden Badehotel

Havgaarden Badehotel

Hovednummer: +45 30 56 40 56

E-mail: info@havgaarden.dk

Havgaarden Badehotel Strandlyvej 1 

DK – 3210 Vejby Strand​

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