Experiences in Vejby and Tisvildeleje

Every day here is a special day, and this simple fact has long attracted those in search of the good life. During the summer, the pulse is high and you can meet a wonderful mixture of tourists and permanent residents. In the autumn and winter, it’s calmer but the quiet and peaceful days can be just as enjoyable.


In northern Zealand – close to Denmark’s fifth-largest forest, Tisvilde Hegn – a kilometre-long white, child-friendly beach with clean saltwater stretches along sand dunes and the forest’s edge. An exceptionally clean and practically untouched landscape.​

Vejby Strand

Heather Hill is like a small piece of the mid-Jutish highland with its heather-clad hills. A film about the bandits from Rold has also been filmed in the hills. Heather Hill was a private area with a large villa, which belonged to an English millionaire. During the Second World War, the German’s commandeered the place. After the war, the villa was demolished as it was utterly destroyed.

The Forest and Nature Service now own the area. People come here all year round, in the winter to ski and sled, and in the summer to hike and run. It’s ideal for both kite flying and paragliding. On​visitnordsjælland.dk​you can always find up-to-date information about events and experiences for the whole family.

ØRBY Vingaard

Visit Ørby Vingaard, which lies just 7km away from here. It’s a farm shop that holds wine events for 10 – 50 guests.

The wine can also be enjoyed here at Havgaarden Badehotel. We also host wine-menu evenings together with Ørby Vingaard.​

​“Superb stay at this cozy beach hotel very close to the sea. A place of soul, coziness, sweet hosts, delicious food and good service. 50 m down the street goes steep stairs down to the fantastic sea and beach. Perfect place for honeymoons, romance or stress-free weekend.”​


Experience everyday life at Havgaarden Badehotel

Havgaarden Badehotel

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